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Posted by Don Aters on 01/03/02 - 12:07:32
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I rarely give disparaging thoughts about anyone, especially those involved in the music industry unless it's predicated on demeanor.
Mickey hart has always been an integral part of The Dead, although not an original member.
His demeanor at Farm Aid 99 was at best, abrasive that instance, who cares.
When you have an event of that magnitude and forty bands, 36 of which are dysfunctional, what kind of crowd would you attract?  I would think dysfunctional but that's just a guess.
When playing for the "conventional" dead heads, you would think he would be more attentive to those who have paid for his house and allowed him to live an affluent lifestyle all these years.
I have great images of him from a lot of years but outside the parameters of playing with the band, I doubt any concerted effort to meet him is in the cards.
As for Bobby, his efforts during the 2000 Memphis In May were Herculean by comparison to many other gigs and performances over the years.
There is a reason why Mark Carren plays with Ratdog, much like there was a reason why Ron Wood was added to The Stones years ago.  
This isn't about Mickey's about keeping the faith, knowing who keeps you in a position to continue a chosen an art form and giving back.
Over the years I've given away a million dollars worth of museum quality images.  Why?  It's my way of giving back, without badgering or wanting somethng.  It's unusual that the band becomes the recipient and although they have made a ton of money, it's just a different approach in appreciation of what they have given the genre and the fans.
I never mix words, and in terms of skill, never confuse an acquired ability with a personality flaw.
I've often stated that perhaps some time should be allocated to explain the differnce between "Dead head" and "dick head".
If Marty Balin, PK, Jack, Levon helm, Jerry Miller, Tom Constanten and a plethora of Hall Of fame musicians can allocate time to sperak to the masses and mingle, why shouldn't others of that ilk respond accordingly?
From a guitar perspective, Bobby has always been a mediocre musician, hence the tentative firing several times but Jerry always let him back.
It now has evolved into name recognition and he has that.
Geez, you think he plays better than Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes or even Derek Trucks?  Not in this life nor probably the next.
Herring may be the most underrated guitarist on the planet and Warren haynes is definitely the most versatile.
In terms of "if",
if I could only see 10-20 concerts in the history of music.............
Wings - 1976 with Jimmy Mc
The Grateful Dead - preferably 1970, 77 or any Brent
Jefferson Airplane/Starship - with Grace and Diana
Moby Grape
Joplin - with Big brother
Chicago - with Terry Kath
Mama's and Papa's
The Stones - with Brian jones
Marriannne Faithfull
The Byrds - with Hillman, Clark and Clarke
Eagles - until 1975
Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys
Simon and Garfunkel
James Taylor
Page & Plant
The Kinks
Hot Tuna
The Buckinghams - back in the day
The Flock
The Band
the list could go on forever, to many shows................but most of those that i would want to see again are usually those where members of the band are congenial and caring, i.e., John Fogerty for instance.'s not always based on ability, longivity is only going to be as good as the fan base of chosen musicians.  It's America, like anyone you so desire but don't base their personality on musical accomplishments.
I once got a friend backstage to meet Eric Clapton and now never listens to anything he does.  Why?  Once a prick, always a prick.

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