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Posted by Liz on 01/03/02 - 12:04:56
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Morning Don!

The conversation was regarding the mounting of a photograph of Botticelli's Primavera that I sent to Eth as a holiday gift.  Eth has been thinking of creating a painting of OUR Graces, based on Botticellis work, so I scanned an exquisite photograph I have of the painting and sent it to her as a gift.  I will send you one as well if you are so inclined!  And you can mount it yourself.

Regarding OUR rendition of Primavera, seems to me the figures would be as follows:

Mercury would be Paul Kantner
Three Graces:  Darby, Diana & China
Venus, Goddess of Lust & Love:  Grace Slick
Flora, strewing the way with bright flowers:  Signe
Nymph Chloris & Zepher:  Ronnie Gilbert and perhaps one of the guys from the Weavers

Relax Don, it's not x rated, risque only if you want it to be!



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