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Posted by Liz on 01/03/02 - 11:22:51
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Happy Day to you Cricket!

There's a time and place for everthing, there's a time to bring children to concerts and there's a time NOT TO, it all depends on the venue.  The key to me is to consider the BIG picture, to consider the other people in attendance and to understand what would be appropriate-

for instance:  I would never bring children to a Dionysian Revel...

I also agree with Kevin -  a musician, taking someone's music and applying their own personal interpretation of it is part of what it's all about.  I think it quite unfair of a "fan" to insist that any musician remain within any particular box of creative reality, or insist that only new music should be performed.  Inspiration comes from moving outside the box, to experiencing other realities, so that when one returns to their own box, they bring with them a breath of fresh air.  Yahoo for Slick!!  He's going to have a blast!!!

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