Diana and Darby

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Posted by Paul on 01/03/02 - 11:05:42
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For the record

I originally heard "Women Who Fly" on the jukebox at Vesuvio in North Beach. I asked Janet who runs the place if I could take it home to learn it. She said yes
I did
Then I asked Darby if she liked it and would sing it
she did

It's always been one of Darby's songs
like Lawman, Love Has No Pride, et al

like Diana's rendition of Hyperdrive, Across the Board and this year, most likely, Silver Spoon and maybe even reJoyce, if we really stretch

Cary on,

Paul San Francisco

p.s. new songs comin up from me this year>>>
Teachin the Computers To Dream
Santy Anno
The House of Taura

+Retreads...of mine>>>
Girl With The Hungry Eyes
PERRO songs
Go To Her
Lets Go Tegether

+ ???

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