Peace in our time (6:25 a.m. P.S.T.)

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Posted by Cricket on 01/03/02 - 10:03:42
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"Flogging" -- Ha!  Or was that a piece of bait you're leaving for M.C.?

Good morning, Kevin--
Totally agree with you about the distinction between "applying your own personal interpretation"
to someone's music and performing an "oldies" show.   Ditto, a band re-interpreting its own music a few miles down the road.

My ambivalence @ Chaquico made me keep my mouth shut re: his contributions; your reference to "flash and ego" succinctly captured what, for me, was a major problem, & M.C.'s detailed diss fills it in.  That said, when I think of how incredibly YOUNG he was, my judgment of the personality factor softens.  Jeez, would I hate to have some of my own excesses at that age displayed for godknowswho to discuss!

Fortunately, no ambivalence for me to deal with re: Slick.  The more I hear him, the more impressed I am & interested in where he'll go next. I bet you're right that the "BeatleJam" will be "a breath of fresh air."  No kvetching whatsoever from me unless they skip the Bay Area!  I'd LOVE to hear them...
& So would two young friends of mine (ages 7 & 9) who can (& do constantly) sing most of the Beatles' songs, & who already are learning to play "primer" versions of the ones they love best.

Shit.  I've done it, haven't I?  Here we were, enjoying peace at 6:25 a.m.  I get to the end of my post agreeing with pretty much everything you said (plus I should thank you for the Mayall info elsewhere), and then by 7:00 a.m. I have to go tell you I'd bring kids to concerts.  Just couldn't "let it be," could I?

No wonder nothing gets better in the Middle East...

Enjoy your day...

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