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Posted by scot on 01/03/02 - 09:23:53
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Regardless of what era of the band people like
or dislike..."Starship ('85-'89)" is very
much a part of the legacy of this band. This
wasn't a new band with no association to
anything "Jefferson"...Grace and Bill were there for much of the new ride and they didn't sellout
tours with other 80's band like Night Ranger
or The Outfield with pure luck. There were
plenty of "Jefferson" fans at those shows.

I can certainly understand your loyalty but
please be fair.

Same band members, same management, and different
musical direction doesn't mean the abbreviated
Starship has no place in "the legacy". Who cares
about the legacy...like what you do and dislike
what you want. It's all about FREEDOM.

We are all people with free minds...or should be.
I was here in NYC when religious fanatacism got
a cheap shot at our freedom. Whether anyone likes
"We Built This City" or "Have You Seen The Saucers"...who cares?...I love them all! There
are more important issues in life these days
for debate.

Peace & Love,

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