Don's take on Mr Hart is..

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Posted by Kb on 01/03/02 - 02:32:21
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pretty accurate hate to say it..

do not get down on don for stating this fact!!
I have been pretty amazed by his knowledge..daily
we KNOW these people, some well..and are honest.

I worked for MH on and off for over 22 years..
on his crew and a couple hundred dead shows.
I respect him in a thousand ways..hmmmmm..
wonder if it is mutual tho..

never heard him LISTEN to anybody..
allways is thinking of what he wants to say next.

ask the GD staff, musicians, crew, hangers on..
dont get mad.. Don is not insulting his drumming,
producing, books, CD's, Family or friends.
just his bedside manner..or lack there of

this is a well known fact, not just our opinion
hope this does not burst your bubbles
all the best to you all,

his collection at SFO was fantastic..
as is his lovely home

sorry mic :]

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