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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/03/02 - 01:18:17
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This must be a first for me.  A war going on and I wasn't in the middle of it this time.  Damn it, I missed it!!!  Just remember all is fair in love and war.  And after the war you have to make peace so you can fight another war on another day. Don't take anything personally and if you dish it out expect to have it dished back to you. Trust me on this one ... OK?

Blue Flogging or whatever this band is called can interpret anyone's music they want.  I wouldn't call it an oldies show at all.  Taking someone's music and applying your own personal interpretation of it does not qualify as being an oldies show.  If this Blue Flu covered all the Beatles songs note for note and tried to sound like the Beatles, then it would be an oldies show.  

As for Chaquico v. Slick on guitar.  They both have their with their own individual guitar playing styles.  Chaquico was a legend in his own mind when he was in the Jefferson Starship.  Slick does a great job without the Chaquico flash and ego.  I believe Slick doing this Beatles thing is going to be breath of fresh air for him.  He'll be able to leave the safe cocoon of the structured environment he's currently playing in and do a few things he cannot do presently on stage.  

The best work Chaquico did in the 70's was on Jack Traylor's Steel Wind.  And it wasn't until Acoustic Highway that he finally grew up and matured as a guitarist.  

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