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Posted by Mission Control on 01/03/02 - 00:14:38
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I apologized in advance for name calling, prompted by my taking umbrage with your stupid, idiotic & ninnyfilled Chaquico v. Aguilar analysis ... but take it light - I'm only human ... cursed with a passion for & academic knowledge of certain  usical genres.  Craig should have played less with his teeth (literally) & more with his mind (figuratively) & fingers (literally), in the post- FAPZ era.  He turned himself into a hack ... I know & he knows it ... & those songs cited above by Keith (or Kevin ... whomever!) are evidence to be used against you.  I don't spout the company line & PK may not agree with me on this one - but THOSE albums were the weakest of any coming from this legacy (I don't count Starship - abberation that it was).

As for JS playing JA material ... last time I looked, MOST of the songs in questionn were written by Paul, Marty & Grace, the last of whom is long retired & reprised by the wonderful Diana Mangano.  I for one am proud that OPK et al performed "Volunteers' & "Pillow" - they put a lot of work into those projects & the tapes or CDs speak for themselves.

Yeah - I should be more diplomatic, so as to not alienate the possible sale of one more t-shirt - but fuck that.  I'm rah-rah for what JS is doing now.  You got a problem wif dat?

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