Where's Kevin when you need him?!?

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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/02/02 - 23:56:55
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Michael is once again using the same highly-un-"professional" abusive and name-calling tactics he has used on myself and Kevin in the past to crush dissent from the official - sorry, should that read "professional"? - line.

(Hey, I'm getting echoes of the Nixon Government's attitude towards a certain band called Jefferson Airplane!!)

The name-calling of Scott in this way is simply not acceptable in a "community" - and neither is calling Craig's post-"FAPZ" work "laughable". Referring to his pre-"FAPZ" work as "cool but gimmicky" is a clever way of undermining respect for the man's achievements.

Though I have to respect the numerous reports coming out of the US 99-00 which state repeatedly how much Aguilar is blossoming, on the evidence of what I've heard, I'd take Chaquico over Aguilar any day. Craig's playing on  tracks like "Stranger", "Save Your Love", "Modern Times", "Winds Of Change", "Can't Find Love", "I Came Back From The Jaws Of The Dragon", "Wasting Time" and "Layin' It On The Line" is pretty impressive. On "MELLO YELLOW" it's so arrogant, it's just awesome.

"GUITAR PLAYER", from the mid-70s through to the present, has always paid Craig a lot of positive attention. How many interviews have they done with Slick?

And I heard that Paul did go through the motions of asking Craig back in 92 as a way of trying to inhibit potential legal action.

Scott, as I read it, like any devoted fan, is simply desperate for new material and doesn't want to simply follow an "oldies act".

2400 - the list - may have its drawbacks; but at least nobody there seems to mind if you dissent!

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