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Posted by Cricket on 01/02/02 - 23:47:54
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I'm with you on this, Eth.  The Dead brought so much happiness to me over so many years, that when any of them is disparaged (& Don, I think you dissed Bob Weir, too, but just more subtly), I react as if someone's trashing a good friend.  

I don't know what personal experiences might color Don's view, but I have to say more generally that I always find ad hominem attacks distressing (except, of course, the ones we make on certain politicians who're just so damn repugnant they're ASKING for it!).  To me, it's one thing to criticize a particular action or a piece of work & offer evidence why the criticism's warranted -- I wholly respect that -- but drive-by's I find very upsetting.

Besides 35+ years of playing his heart out for us again & again, I think Mickey's done us a great service by steadily expanding what we know about percussion, what rhythms we've been exposed to, what musicians (truly, from all over the world) we've encountered... At least, he's done this for me.  

We don't need to agree, Don, but I'm hoping the "twit" stuff was just a quick, perhaps careless remark. Or maybe there's something personal you've experienced that we don't need to know about, but that might not warrant that kind of summary appraisal.   You've been around the block a few times & learned much more than I'll ever know about the history of these bands we celebrate, & so I like to think that your judgments are thoughtful.


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