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Posted by scot on 01/02/02 - 23:15:45
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Idiot, moron, and ninny?
So an honest exchange of differences
and opinions has lowered you to
immature name calling? Wow...
very unbecoming of someone that
is SUPPOSED to be representing
Paul and Jefferson Starship. I
can assure you that my criticism
and opinions are mild compare to
some other regulars on A-Deck.
You make JS and their website

"Surrealistic Pillow" and "Volunteers"
were not Starship albums were they?

Their shows highlighting the music from
these albums were excellent and I enjoyed
every note...I can't say enough good things
about Paul. But I am more of a Starship fan
than I am of the "short-lived" Airplane...
I just hope to see more shows or tours
emphasizing JS's creativity and freshness.

Geez...I can't believe how low this topic

Mission Control???


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