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Posted by christo on 01/02/02 - 22:35:25
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Oh No !
Will Darby cope with Jon emailing her every night? (just kiddin', Jon)
Bless her - I read an interview (or as the Americans say - innerview) with Darby in Holding Together and she was such an unassuming natural wonderful person.
I think it's amazing that most of us (me incl) only have DS/VS and yet her perfomance on that has touched us so much that there are folks all over the world clammering for more.
She communicated something of herself in that recording which touched us all (I'm not in any way running down Diana or other JS female singers - they can and do take me down other garden paths (in my dreams!) - but what a gift huh?
Ah well
I hit the hay on thoughts of Darby, Ethel, and A-Deckites everywhere - so far I like this year  

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