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Posted by Tim Silven on 01/02/02 - 21:49:42
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I've been away for awhile and thought I'd look in to see what was up for 2002 w/ JS and stumbled right into another inane criticism of a plug for something Slick is doing that Michael tried to turn us onto...Michael, as usual your response was "right on" and you're absolutely correct in not "taking any prisoners" matter what the band tries to do, it will displease somebody, and I guess this forum is their venting zone....Believe me people, Michael knows his stuff and does whatever it takes to get the Airship running and off the ground, year after year....he will defend it always and we're lucky to have him so interested in what goes on in this forum to let us know things in advance, give us inside tips, help us deal with gigs with the correct info and spend time with the fans on the net...Bravo Mr Gaiman and Happy New Year to you and JS..... Tim Silven

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