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Posted by Mission Control on 01/02/02 - 20:49:36
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THE FAB FOUR ... duh! THE BEATLES ... you idiot!
I wasn't 'kissing up,' you moron - I was invoking the humorous, colloquial appellation for JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE & RINGO ... in whose honor "BEATLEJAM" is performing.

I know, I know - I should preserve a certain amount of decorum as a professional ... so I sincerely apologize to the many gentle souls who post - for flaming you yet again ... you blithering ninny.

The Irving Berlin remark pertained specifically to GARCIA's read on "Russian Lullaby" from his 2nd solo release in 1975.  I don't know what context (if any) you're ascribing this to or how Mr. Berlin relates to Uncle Dave Macon.  Enlighten me please - who is Uncle Dave anyway?  You do know who Irving Berlin was, I presume.

Your remark of Chaquico v. Aguilar is subjective - & you are entitled ... however, Craig allowed the 'rock star' mythos cloud his musicality.  As a 16 year old on Sunfighter through FAPZ in 1979, he played some cool if gimmicky stuff ... but his work through the remainder of JS then Starship was laughable.  His current acoustic/New Age work shows musical growth & maturity at long last.  As for Aguilar - his impeccable chops have only grown since his early work with David Crosby, & KBC.
Oddly, it was Jack Casady's departure that most contributed to Slick's brilliant play in the 21st Century.  Addition by subtraction ... in that Jack stymied Slick ... by his criticism.  When jack left to do HT full time - Slick went back to the original Kaukonen/Garcia solos & frameworked from there - giving us lead lines that sound BOTH familiar & innovative at the same time. Bravo Slick - & that ain't kissing up!

I am also a big David Freiberg fan, especially his basso profoundo harmony with Paul ... & his songs, especially "Harp Tree Lament" (which is likely to return this year).  But given a choice - I'll take Marty Balin over David.

I am also a big Darby Gould fan - but we're dealing with human beings, not Strat-O-Matic cards.  Real people have real lives (I'm surprised Grace Slick or Signe Anderson wasn't on your list).  Grace left for her reasons ... Darby for hers ... Craig wasn't asked back because who needs him when you've got Slick.  We are blessed to have Diana Mangano playing 3rd base for 8 years.  She's put in her time ... she's done her homework & proves it all night (as the boss might say), every night.

As for WOH material - JS DID play all those songs in Spring/Summer 1996, preparing for the recording.  There are however, SO many songs to play - & a sincere re-discovery of previously unperformed old new material, some WOH stuff has taken a backseat in recent years ... but somebody will always complain THEIR favorites didn't get played - so there you go!

Your criticism of the various acoustic tours/ projects defies reason.  On the one hand, you profess fondness (beloved Airship), but condem the variability of format & repertoire in the same breath.

I'm sorry I called you an idiot, moron & ninny, especially if you're a subject of the UK which I treasure & adore.  But I've come out swinging in 2002 & take no prisoners.

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