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Posted by scot on 01/02/02 - 19:49:56
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Wow...MC sure can kiss up.
I prefer Craig Chaquico as
JS's "FAB" guitarist.
Plus I've seen Slick's
poor choice in groupies.

Irving Berlin? Will they be doing
any Uncle Dave Macon as well?

I'm sorry to who this offends...
but as great a band as I think
JS is, the better players always
seem to come and go.

Craig Chaquico

David Freiberg


...to name a few.

I think the beloved Airship always
seems to get stuck in a period where
various members get bored. Touring
with themes like "Acoutic Volunteers"
or "Acoustic Surrealistic Pillow" does
little for the more progressive fans
hoping for something new from a great
band. When did JS ever tour in full
support of "Windows Of Heaven" with
a setlist of mostly new material?
The "oldies/retro" thing sales more
tickets I suppose.


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