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Posted by Ethel on 01/02/02 - 19:39:23
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I keep returning to your description of Mickey as
an abrasive twit. And I must have my say.  

I don't know Mickey personally, but I know what his interests are, and I know how he expresses himself, verbally and musically.  Ray and I were at the Zellerbach when Mickey brought the Gyoto Monks over to share their chanting with us all.  WHAT an experience!

AND I know that he organized a splendiferous exhibit of drums and percussion instruments from around the globe, at the SF airport that just Knocked me Out!!  

I have seen Mickey perform an entire evening of only percussion, with drummers from so many cultures (FRIENDS)!  Maybe he has no time to be interrupted, and it makes him rude.   Maybe he is just an elitest JERK.  

BUT I don't THINK so......

Well--you know me, I always color things with my own vision.  SO be it.    Eth

SORRY ahead if I somehow got the wrong Mickey---or misunderstood the intent of your post.
You touched upon one of my top FAVES, I guess.

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