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Posted by Don Aters on 01/02/02 - 18:27:22
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Definitely a detailed account of the music and the concept that initiated this exploratory band.
Only great music can be perpetuated from decade to decade.  The ability to transcend is predicated on the lyrics and most of the banality of today will be distant memories within tow years.
Wehn the final line is all said and done, the best bands are those making the most money, either through new releases, residuals, etc.,
The Beatles, The Stones, The dead, The AAAAAirplane/Starship, Dylan, Van Morrison.
The reason these names are enshrined in Cleveland is due to the longivity of selected tunes that are as viable now as they were thirty-five years ago.
Will limp Bizcit make The Hall Of Fame, will Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails or Sublime/
I doubt it, anyone can buy a duitar and make noise......not weveryone can write "Wooden Ship", or "Southern Cross", "Now A Days Clancy Can't Even Sing".
To emulate is the highest form of compliment, hence those who wanted to be like PK, Jack, Cippolina, Nash or Van Morrison.  Who wants to be like Limp Bizkit?  Belleview or Bust would get the same results.

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