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Posted by Ethel on 01/02/02 - 15:02:27
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Right, MC.

The Dead never even did ONE of their OWN songs the same way twice!  If they were in Egypt it had an Egypt flavor. If there was particular trouble in the world, you could hear it. If creativity was HUGE, and it often was---you'd never know WHAT outrageous and stunning iterpretation would come your way.  So let's not try to but things in a box, before they've even had a chance to express themselves.  

This has the promise to be exciting, inspiring and innovative--with a touch of the classical history we all know and love. With Slick involved I have high hopes!!

When I first read this I thought--HOW KOOL!!

Just wish thay had some West Coast dates----maybe later.....my 2c    Eth

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