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Posted by Mission Control on 01/02/02 - 14:22:13
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No matter what you do, there is always a naysayer ... so be it, but get your facts straight.

This music is NOT oldies ... it is OUR GENERATION's classical music.  The music of Jefferson Airplane, Dylan, Pink Floyd & especially The Beatles is timeless & as compelling today as ever.  I've listened to Limp Bizkit & Creed & Green Day at al - & the kids ain't even close.  I don't care how much they yell & scream & dance & prance & what color their hair is or how popular their video is ... when they master their instruments, when they've honed their songcraft - come talk to me.

There is some good NEW music being made by contemporary Artists - but isn't it all or most, a throwback to styles etched by some of the Artists I previously listed & those that went before/

If you hate the way THE DEAD or PAF jam the music of THE BEATLES ... then this ain't for you.  These songs are gonna be INTERPRETED ... this ain't a Beatlemania broadway show ... this is "BEATLEJAM."

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