Graham Parker to play S.F. (shameless plug # ___)

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Posted by Cricket on 01/02/02 - 11:36:17
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...running out of sockets for these plugs, I admit.

HOWEVER, I can't help it.  I'd stand in the rain & mud on a field of banana slugs, if I had to, to catch one of Graham Parker's shows.  When a friend first encouraged me to see him LIVE in the 70's, he said:  "he can barely contain his energy; he's like a panther about to spring"...

I'd already discovered what a biting, often brilliant & usually smartass lyricist he is; over time, he's kept his good humor, his edge, & occasional sweetness.  Good, solid, feisty rock & roll, fine musicians, accomplished singer.  Although my strongest ties are to some earlier works (esp. "Squeezing Out Sparks" and "Stick to Me"), his just-released CD, "Deepcut to Nowhere" is terrific.  I was so pleased!  
As for attitude, one of the catchy tunes here is:  "Syphilis and Religion".  & there's a note on the CD:  "This has been a GP production for STEAL THIS MUSIC INC. / a division of UpYours LTD."

He'll be at Slim's the night after Gregg's Eggs:  Sat. Jan. 12 - $20
a good time guaranteed...


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