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Posted by Cricket on 01/02/02 - 10:51:45
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On Eth's recommendation a few weeks ago I ran out & bought this CD -- loved it immediately, & then met up w/several A-Deckers when Gregg's Eggs played at Ashkenaz a couple weeks ago.  They were great!

IMHO:   Mari Tamburo is a powerful, sensitive singer with superb judgment (her range & power come across best live; she's a bit toned down on the recording), & the guitar player, Futoshi Morioka, is incredibly talented, passionate, & lyrical.  Listening to the CD a few times w/friends last week, votes re: Morioka were split between: sounds like his own distinct voice; like Garcia; like Knopfler; and like ____ (this person is still trying to retrieve the memory).

I've already ordered 2 copies of the CD for friends, so I happily join E's chorus here.


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