What To Do With 2400 Fulton St. (The Old JA House)

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Posted by John B. Krug on 01/02/02 - 10:32:35
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... Been there. Already thought about this.
On 2400 Fulton (the message board) about a year or so ago, I suggested that the SF Board Of Education buy the the old house and turn it into a music school/performing  arts center/"SF Sound", psychedelic museum.
Jorma K. and Jack C. can set up Fur Peace Ranch West classes, Grace S. can display her art work, Paul K. can be the Superintendent, etc.  It's all there in my hallucination....er, vision... :)! This all beats anything else I've seen or heard what ought to be done with the place...And the bed and breakfast resort can be next door...The site would draw thousands of people from all corners of the globe, and some of the money would go to taxes to help pay for SF social services, etc...So, when does the campaign start?  Let me know! Best Regards for 2002!  John B. Krug  

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