Unmasking Malibu Mystery Hour

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/01/02 - 22:40:15
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Belated Happy New Years to you and Ray ...

I can understand why you went MIA in 75.  Other and myself I'm sure have done the same thing over the years to take care of business at home.  But we always come back to the music.  When you have music, you will always have friends.  

As for new music, check out the newly remastered John Mayall's Turning Point with additional songs.  This album has been one of my top ten favorites of all time since it was first released.  

Staying home was the perfect way to spen NYE this year.  Watched Jurasic Park III, Alien, and Aliens.  

As for Malibu Mystery that was even too bizzarre for me to even think up.  I for one sure hope that it never comes back to haunt us ever again.

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