Another  necessary tale

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Posted by Ethel and Robert  ------(an item)  just a lite joke--------read on on 01/01/02 - 20:11:02
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WOW ...........NO WONDER!!!!!!!!!

I was going to use your crytic encouragement as an excuse to talk about my first love, before Ray.

He was Robert!   When you asked who I left out, it struck me like lightning that it was him.
His name was Robert Kovich.   He's on the bus.
He was a dancer.  He was well known in the dance community.  He danced with Merce Cunningham.
He had his own company in Paris.  He was loved in Paris for his art.  He was a Capricorn-----not that I keep track---except for today.   Ethel

Please DO tell me, because I am so curious, and I just can't imagine doing the research at this moment.

How I came to learn of Robert's death on the day following--is a tale of Jungian proportions.

Same old, same old................    Love, Eth

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