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Posted by Rush on 01/01/02 - 18:11:05
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Not so sure about this here.  I don't think current JS would hit it big time again unless there were more airplane players on board.  Not because they are better than the current JS but because they have name recognition and still appeal to the general music public; Grace in particular.  I would love to hear new JS material on the radio some day and hope that we see that day come.  Given the outcome of the silly lawsuit, It seems that Grace would be more likely to particiapte in a JS project before Jack and Jorma.  God, they could put out a new CD of new material, record it separately since they won't play together, not tour, and I think it would still sell.  Grace Jack and Jorma would have to be on board though.  Maybe someday huh?
Happy New Year - we made it,

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