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Posted by Cricket on 01/01/02 - 17:01:47
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Many thanks for the b-day greetings, & happy ones to Diane & Donna(Yukiah) & the Bens & any others we don't yet know about..

I turned 49, & it surprised me to fall into a few hours of funk about that -- generally I'm happy & energetic, & so I really didn't see it coming. Some kind & thoughtful A-Deck friends turned my mood around via email, reminding me about the music (& other experiences) I otherwise might have missed...  

That said, it pleases me to find that music I first loved in the throes of puberty (y'know, now that I think of it, "throes of poetry" does ring a wee bit sweeter)... can be rediscovered & re-worked, to be discovered anew by people like Melissa, Jon, & so many others coming in at different times.  [oops, guess my position on the "relevance" topic is showing.]  Some of the songs I crave hearing now are relatively new, & the chance to see them & some of the older jewels performed live, & to look forward to new material & new interpretations of old....ahhh, I feel much better looking at the years ahead!
Thanks, JS, & A-Deck --


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