Pete Sears "Watchfire" CD

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Posted by Cricket on 01/01/02 - 15:41:28
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You've said much I'd comment on were it not for some kind of left hemisphere systems problem most likely related to NYE. I most definitely do NOT agree with you about PK being the "worst tunesmith"
or w/your predictions re: fans.  however, I'll have to pounce articulately some other time.  (And pounce I will.  Promise!)

For now, I just wanted to add my agreement w/you that "Watchfire" is "gorgeous".  It saddens me when something so beautiful & straight from the heart fails to find a large audience.  (Ought to be used to it by now, I guess, but I'm not.  Anyone who doesn't have it, keep an eye out...)

Happy new year, Keith --


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