"Song Coming Toward Us" / Greeting the new year

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Posted by Cricket on 01/01/02 - 15:27:46
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Woke up again feeling happy & grateful for our A-Deck community, & wishing all a merry new year, hopping with JS tour dates.

On a quieter note,
this poem by Carolyn Forche seemed to me a good way to start the year, & I wanted to pass it along.

     * * * * *


I am spirit entering
the stomach of the stones.

Bowls of clay and water sing,
set on the fires to dry.
The mountain moves
like the spirit of southeast morning.

You walk where drums are buried.
Feel their skins tapping all night.
Snow flutes swell ahead of your life.
Listen to yourself.

I am spirit living
thin wooden years
around the aspen.

You live
like a brief wisp
in a giant place.

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