Fantasy (the break)

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Posted by Ethel on 01/01/02 - 13:37:01
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Everyone knows that FANTASY can provide as much
PLEASURE as REALITY, at certain times!!

Thanks for proving it, Keith!  I'm sure this will be used by the band as a blueprint for the
"Bucks Defeat Fear" Festival this summer at Speedway Meadows!

As the satisfied, grinning crowd meanders through the venue during the break---filled with anticipation for the coming set---they stumble
upon countless stunning and varied visual works by contibuting artists of all stripes---including the bandmembers themselves!  There is a lifesize hologram of Bill Graham running a convenient,
computerized auction of the work to benefit
the 'Bucks Defeat Fear' project!  Audience members return for the second set with a sense of satisfaction and anticipation as the psychedelic fundraising thermometer approaches bursting.....

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