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Posted by Don Aters on 01/01/02 - 13:05:44
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I spoke to Mcnally at length last night............the show was to go on until 2:30.  Derek trucks was impressive as usual but after a few songs it always sounds like "elevator music".  A much pregnant Susan tedeschi came out and sang a song or tow as well.  Bobby was....well Bobby.  His guitar ability hasn't gotten any better in forty years but his songs are the key.  He worked the crowd with a deluge of "Dead" tunes for the last 45 minutes.  Phil was great but with Warren haynes and Jimmy Herring, it would be a task not to be great.  he looks better now than he did twenty years ago.
Kruetzmann came in to the building at 10:30 so the thought is now drifting in the air.  Can there be another "Other Ones" tour?  Will it include Haynes, Herring, Bobby, Bill and Phil?  I hope noy Mickey, he remains an abrasive twit and who wants that after all this time.
Left early because i didn't feel well but spent much time speaking to Dennis.  Mountain Girl, Robert Hunter, etc., were backstage as well so something is definitely in the works.
Talk to you later...Gregg's Eggs next week at Slim's and at Sweetwater.

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