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Posted by Don Aters on 01/01/02 - 12:56:04
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Pete is a "Musician's musician", as the saying goes.  he will make an appearance in a guest slot and play an entire set.  He is cordial, affable, charming and why he didn't get Brent's position remains a musical mystery.  Hornsby has great skills but not the charisma or stage presence of Pete.
As for Falzarano, I've often wondered what he brought to the table for Hot Tuna.  Mediocrity at very best in terms of guitar, a non-entity as a vocalist and outside of NYC, Memphis Pilgrims couldn't get arrested.
Jorma is somewhat friendly but remains unaccessible for most at summer festivals.  Smaller venues perhaps, but he needs the rapport to keep the dates coming.  Something or someone has to pay for The Fur Peace Ranch.
Pete Sears is the best choice for any of the bands on legendary status and why he is ignored by Jorma is way beyond my comprehension.
Dates will start to be announced for summer "gigs" around March, so if Hot Tuna is going out as the electric band, I assume Pete will be with them.  If not, maybe I should try and get him booked into The Poconos with Dawn Patrol and if The Acoustic Hot Tuna is also there, so be it.
Maybe Pete doesn't need Jorma and if that ultimately occurs, I'm sure he will be much relieved from that state of mind.
We shall see...........personally, I think the ability to play multiple instruments at the level Pete does makes him more gifted than Nicky Hopkins or any others of that ilk.

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