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Posted by don aters on 12/31/01 - 15:22:50
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I deal with it myself but stay smart enough to avoid "the ghosts".  After two tours in Vietnam, living through an attempted murder with a decade of plastic surgery and rehab, it becomes difficult and especially if i don't feel well.
Fortunately, i never blame others, just me, bad timing, whatever but astill has always been a factor in what should have been.
The Govt. fondly refers to it as "intermittent Explosive Behavior patterns" and that title alone seems to have the gates of Belleview swinging open for moi.

All said, most everyone likes me and i can deal with that.  The few who don't probably feel as if they have reason not to.  Usually depeicted as "Not what i appear to be", which has always been kind of puzzling to me.
Attitude, certainly, comes with the territory but i figured out long ago that it's just easier to be nice to everyone.  It makes them feel better but ultimately makes me feel better.  For the few who are abrasive and distant, my other personality seems to  surface.  if you order "shit", i feel like someone should give you the opportunity to eat it.
Perhaps i shall heal from that darker trait as well while I'm in sunny CA.

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