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Posted by Cricket on 12/31/01 - 15:03:44
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I love what you've said here & agree with your words about PK, and also about an artist's relevance often being unrecognized in his or her own time.  

I think most if not all of Faulkner's novels had been out of print for years & his work largely disregarded & un-read before a late "re-discovery" (largely because of the Nobel) established a place for him in our literature.  His work in turn was a chief inspiration for Toni Morrison.  "And so it goes..."  I always feel impatient when we try to predict who future generations will turn to:
Let's hope they find whoever they need, as we have here...

Happy new year, & may that sore throat cease & desist!
p.s. agree wholeheartedly w/Don's comments ABOUT you --


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