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Posted by Ethel on 12/31/01 - 14:49:18
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We are very , very lucky that we can carry on happily every day as pals, as partners, and as lovers.  We've had our share of deep heartaches,
but we find solace in eachother, and we both love MUSIC...and that's not a small thing!

Ray loves sports--which I don't share much--but at those times I'm in the studio, on this board,
or doing 'KID' stuff.  We like to dance.   Dance,
dance, dance

Ray cooks and I make the house colorful,  interesting and CLEAN-ONCE in a while!
And we just go DAY by DAY on our committment.
We don't take one thing for granted--not even for a minute.  So that's how we work it, Don

Syntax does lie, though.  I have quite a bit of 'temperment' and roller coaster to manage---but not toward, Ray.  Just inside me.  He's a rock.

Love, E

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