Happy New Year's Eve

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Posted by Eth on 12/31/01 - 13:54:52
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Well, I mean't maniac in a good, energetic way,
but now that you have reassured me that you are not Unmasked (etc.),  I will remove it from your description completely.  I just thought the last day of the year would be a nice opportunity to polish off that mystery.  

You seemed to be the only KNOWN person on the board with enough facets and archives and complexity---to possibly invent the disturbance
'just for fun!'   BUT I guess we'll never know.
Unmasked will remain masked forever............

Have fun tonight---we/re staying home with MUSIC as usual.  I'm not feeling good, but that won't slow us down much. I hope ATSOS comes today.

And Kev---we were on board '66 thru '75----but we just completely lost touch after that.  When I came back through Windows of Heaven, all we had was vinyl, and not all of that.

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