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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 12/31/01 - 10:28:56
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As a kid I took an interest in music because it was an escape from my home life.  Something about the Airplane clicked for me.  It all started out with their album and then progressed to other things from there.  I especially loved live music and live albums because the energy level more exciting than studio recordings.  I was hungry for more live Airplane/Starship/Tuna and began to tape and collect live tapes.  In the 80's I expanded to video.  But I never lost focus on collecting records & memorabilia of the Jefferson's from around the world.  Not to mention I have a lot of other things by other artist as well in my collection.

Sometime in the early 80's the collection was just a lot of stuff packed away in boxes.  So I began to catalog the Jefferson's only.  Then I organized all my copies of Takes Off and other albums the same way according to catalog number, reissues, and copies from around the year.  After that project was done I began to organize the singles that were released from each album the same way.  After that I included the promo items used to support the album.  Next I began to organize anything in print about the Jefferson's in a chronological order to correlate with everything else.  Essentially what I did was write a book without realizing it.  So I reference the catalog (as I like to call it) when I have the time.    

A few weeks ago I said that I really don't listen to the Airplane, Starship, Dead, or any of my old favorites anymore.  Its because I heard those recordings so many times, know them well, that I just want something different and new that is exciting.  Not listening to the music doesn't mean I hate it.  I still don't enjoy the music very much.  I find I enjoy talking about the music and sharing what I know with others.  

So I am not ready for the padded room with Igor and his white coat army to take me away at all.  I have many interest outside of music that I enjoy.  And it's three months to opening day for the A's.  You know where I will be on April 1.  

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