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Posted by Ethel on 12/31/01 - 07:36:33
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Keith and Kevin,
   I have been wanting to say that I have been enjoying your exchange a lot. As I am starting to know every song, and more of the history, it's coming into focus.  As I hear more, I love it more.
It's certainly a well known cliche how the relevance of particular artists is often not fully recognized in it's own time, and even rejected.  I'm just grateful that I was led back to a canon which has relevance and meaning for me.
   Keith, your point about passion was SO apt.

category 1.) passion that usurps the non-existant god for power, resulting in evil.

Category 2.) passion that fights the power, through committment, humility, and love.

I don't believe these two can be totally seperate
within individuals, or even within nations.

Paul (imho) is in category #2

I should have said Paul cannot have too much passion---because in my opinion, it is well placed.  He cannot change the fact that personal and social power accrue to him through his influential persona.  Personally, what others may regard as arrogance, I read as passionate commitment, shyness, and humility.

I could be nuts and color everything with my own vision-but that's OK-at least it's a good one.

And Kevin--you are an interesting and outrageous maniac.  Are you Malibu Barbie, and everybody else, too?   Come on--tell me the truth.

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