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Posted by Eth on 12/31/01 - 06:58:30
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Can't sleep, sore throat.  I have two exceptionally sensitive issues I will be addressing upon my return.  It's complex, but I need to secure recognition and acceptance,
where there is denial and lack of objectivity.
It took semester one to establish trust and confidence.  The continued quality of my teaching
environment now depends upon my success with these families--in formal meetings which are far less than adequately structured, YEARS slower than molasses, and still not abundant with the appropriate resources to make a difference.  

In fact, I will structure the meetings myself! That's how it is.  IF I get what I want--I won't be the benificiary--but the next teacher will.  At least I'll feel better---and in that way I'll survive.  Your sweet inquiry is like a blessing on my head.  Eth

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