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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 12/31/01 - 02:17:35
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This is what video I know to be in circulation.

1965 Fillmore
3 minute JA clip with Marty and Signe singing Its No Secret ... and the clip is in color.

1967 Smothers Brothers
lipsync two songs
(the JA were referenced in the famous SB's "Smoking Banana" skit.)

1968 Smothers Brothers
2 songs wGrape's famous blackface
And the duet skit with Ethel Mermen or Kate Smite (someone help me out on this one as I am not about to search out the video tape for her name at this late hour of the night, please) with Jimmy Durante singing the Yooung Rascals, People Got to be Free.

1968 Ed Sullivan Show

1968 One AM
John Goddard's improvised movie with the JA playing on the roof of the RCA building

1969 Dick Cavette Show
The day after Woodstock the JA with Nicky Hopkins

1969 A Night at the Family Dog

1969 Woodstock
For years the outtakes of the movie have circulated among colletors and in 1997 the Directors Cut of Woodstock restored the missing 20 minutes of JA footage.

1970 Go Ride the Music
This has been bootleg on vinyl & CD as Up Against the Wall

1970 The Stomping Ground
Hollands version of Woodstock with the JA performing Ballad of You & Me & PooNiel.

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