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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 12/31/01 - 00:38:57
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I miss JS being musically relevant too. The band hasn't really been in touch with the times lyrically since PK was writing his Sandinista/Nicco tunes during the KBC/JA reunion er and Marty wrote "Solidarity". I'm not counting "I Can Fly", which was mostly written in the 80's (it's included in embryonic form in Nicaragua Diary).

Then again, it never hurt Dylan much, did it? He's spent the last 10 years honing his abilty to re-invent both his classic and more obscure stuff from the 60's and 70's. He's released a great album ("Love and Theft"), but on tour he rarely plays anything post 1978.

I wouldn't mind hearing a few of those edgier 80's PK tunes live: Connection is very relevant these days, plus just about anyone hearing it outside of JS completists would think it's new.

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