Here's how I feel, Jon

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Posted by Ethel on 12/30/01 - 21:21:03
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I simply felt that the way you were signing your posts was a rather pointed exclusion of someone.
And I simply preferred it if you would just NOT sign that way anymore---just for ME, I guess.
You may not be able to understand how each time I read that, I think of someone I love and feel pain.  I sure don't mean to keep hurting you feelings either, but I have to be honest with you.

I'm SURE I AM overly sensitive, but I'm on this board, too---and that's how it makes me feel.
I really am sorry if you feel misunderstood by this.  Maybe we can communicate better in the future.

I have no problem with you delineating which creative styles appeal to you more.  But I guess
I'm sensitive about 'HOW' it comes across.
I hope this explains my feeling better.  Sorry if I was abrupt.


And PS  Thanks a lot for signing this one just JON,'cuz I really liked that better.  

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