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Posted by Keith E Rice on 12/30/01 - 19:52:20
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Casady used picks many times. There's even a photo of him using one in the "BAXTER'S" songbook! And to get that sound on the intro to the DS/VS "White Rabbit", he had to use a pic - there's simply no other way to get it.

I've never seen a pic of Sears using a pic. In the "SPITFIRE" songbook, there's a photo of him plucking his strings into such bends you think that string had to snap as soon as the photog's done his thing.

The one and only time I saw Brett Bloomfield, - Reading 88 - he played phenomenal slap bass on some numbers.

That's something neither Ol' Thundercrunch nor Mr
Elasticity ever did.

By the way Freiberg used the pick to tremendous effect on live "Strangers"!

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