May I add to the confusion?

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Posted by Cricket on 12/30/01 - 18:15:01
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(thanks in advance, Kev & Keith)

I've got a King Biscuit/JA Chronicles CD that ran 2/17 -23/92 --
Track 1 is JS, Vancouver 1983; track 2, Marty Balin in N.Y. 1981 (not listed here as '87) & Hot Tuna, N.Y. 1974; track 3, KBC, N.Y. 1987 (first song listed as:  "It's Not Me, It's Not Me" -- Oh, the fun he/we could have with that!)

Same release as the one you two are talking about, but with the addition of KBC?
Or did you forget KBC?
Have I got an exceptionally stale (3 yrs old) biscuit?

Not biting down till I hear back.

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