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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 12/30/01 - 17:50:16
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Thanks for the clarification.  I see where the confusion over the Garden State Arts Center show arises from.  During the week of September 11 - 17, 1989 King Biscuit broadcast the Airplane Chronicles.  The shows were from highlights of the Jefferson Starship Vancouver 1983, Marty Balin, NYC at the Savoy, KBC at the Ritz NYC in 1987, and Hot Tuna in NYC in 1974.  On a more interesting note, Hot Tuna never appeared on the King Biscuit Flower Hour until this broadcast.  So their rendition of Keep on Truckin' is even more special, and makes this an extremely unique item for collectors.  

It appears that the GSAC and the broadcast of the Airplane Chronicles a week after the actual GSAC show is the source of confusion.  But it is also one of the first King Biscuit shows to be distributed on CD as opposed to vinyl (just a little collector trivia for those who care out there).  

The GSAC tape began to circulate within a month after the tour it was only the second set.  The first set began to circulate after the release of the bootleg CD. The first bootleg of this show, Ride the Dragon came out in late 89 or early 90.  As far as bootlegs go, they renamed this show several times.  The JA did not play two nights at the GSAC.  The JA only played two nights at Radio City in NYC.  

There is nothing wrong with assumptions.  Think of an assumption as a different version of the facts that others do not fully appreciate because all the facts are absent to the other party.  

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