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Posted by Keith E Rice on 12/30/01 - 15:55:03
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Ah, could be a much better historian than me. (Or is it just that, being a lawyer, you're even more pedantic than me? - and that's going some!)

But at least you live in the same country as the Airship, get all the radio programmes, the releases and the opportunity to actually go see the Anglophobic Fuckers!!

(Hmm...Anglophobic Fuckers? Sounds like a great name for a thrash metal outfit!!)

I got my Garden Arts Center tape off HOLDING TOGETHER's Bill Parry years ago - and he told me it was from a radio broadcast. The sound is pretty good, apart from Casady's bass being low in the mix on the mothership set. (It's fine on the Tuna sub-set.)

So, knowing that the tape was from a radio broadcast, I assumed that, when I saw an ad in RECORD COLLECTOR a year later for a KING BISCUIT HOUR promo CD from the Airplane reunion tour, I assumed that they were one and the same. They may not be.

So the facts are: I have a radio broadcast tape. I saw an ad for a KING BISCUIT CD. And I do sometimes make assumptions. (As Scott and MC like to point out.)

(See, Mr Lawyer, you've got me pinned!!)

As to MELLO YELLO, Bill Parry did me a tape from the 3-sided album. I really like it. Personally, I think the band were on cracking form. Not "POINTED HEAD", "FILLMORE EAST" or "WINTERLAND" quality, but as good as "MONTEREY" (apart from "Pooneil", of course), the KBC Band KING BISCUIT, the afore-mentioned Garden Arts Center set and perhaps even better than "FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT" - though perhaps not.

If you say, the 81 KING BISCUIT is better than "MELLO YELLO", then it must be pretty impressive stuff!

As to Grace rejoining, I disagree. But then you and I disagree anyway over "FAPZ" and the early stages of the Mickey era and the loss of the upfront bass component.

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