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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 12/30/01 - 14:25:23
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""KING BISCUIT HOUR" Garden Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ. 02/09/89.
"She Has Funny Cars", "Somebody To Love" ...  "Good Shepherd" where the Kaukonen brothers seem sheerly hypnotised by the harmonics their guitars are creating  - one of those rare but exquisite timeless musical moments!"


Ah...the Garden State Arts Center back from my old home in Nu Joisey.  Yes, I remember this show well.  This show was probably one of the first, if not first, of the JA 89 reunion shows to be bootlegged.  This show has been titled on 2 CD bootleg sets as "Ride the Dragon" and "We Are Your Parents Now."  Seems its been given the same treatment that Up Against the Wall recieved 19 years earlier with bootleg marketing.  

Anyway,  I have never been aware of this show being broadcast on King Biscuit.  The bootleg CD's come from a low generation soundboard.  Could you please confirm your source on the King Biscuit.  If I'm missing this King Biscuit show I'll have to search out a actual copy of the King Biscuit release.


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