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Posted by Robert on 12/30/01 - 14:10:19
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These power deities are soooo insecure aren't they?

Afraid of a little wisdom.

Behave or we'll chain you to a rock and have a bird eat your liver or banish you from paradise forever.

But surprise "civilized" man.

Guttenburg's invention of the printing press changed things quite a bit. Greater knowledge can lead to greater awareness and wisdom.....or just more of the same old story.

But we've all heard those dirty stories.

Here's a new one.

"Now, for the first time, we can trace our ancestry back to the beginning-to the original fireball-and see the history of our existence as a sacred, continuous and unified whole. With this new knowledge, we have a radically new basis for personal and collective identity. WE HAVE A NEW STORY. And from this new story we have the foundation for the emergence of a new culture, an "integral" culture, which is based on an understanding of our role in the evolutionary process. This provides a larger perspective, which enhances our ability to make choices, enriches our relationships with other people, and deepens our sense of connection with the natural world."

-Foundation for a Global Community

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