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Posted by Liz on 12/30/01 - 13:52:27
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Good morning!
I wish I was there YESTERDAY!!!!!
Ray is an artist with food, no doubt about it.
There is a chicken in my fridge, waiting to be cooked,
but somehow I doubt it will be the Dionysian Delight that you just described.

I'm thinking SF will be sooner than later.
I notice a certain date on the header of this page:
A-Deck, Inaugural Date - January 29, 2001,
perhaps an Anniversary Party is in order!!!!!

Checking my datebook, I note that the 29th is a Tuesday, maybe not a great night for a party, but the following Saturday, Feb 2 is Groundhog Day AND Imbolc, perhaps THAT would be the weekend to fly away from this frozen wasteland called Minnesota!!!

Think on this.....  Liz

Also, wouldn't it be a great thing if a certain BAND played some music in the Bay Area that same weekend????

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