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Posted by Scot on 12/30/01 - 13:39:15
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I always wondered why they ever needed to hire
Mickey back in '79. I mean...he works out well for more of a pop act like the later 80's Starship but not with the genuine and more creative band we know and love.

Marty had bailed and so had Grace temporarily...but Freiberg was a good vocalist and Paul is excellent at delivering the more complex and meaningful lyrics.

It would've been cool to see the 1979 Starship with just Kantner, Freiberg, Chaquico, Sears, and Dunbar...vocals being swapped out where needed.

When I saw Kantner's Wooden Ships...I thought to myself that this was more of the true Starship than what had evolved. He delivered the music and JS spirit that had been missing for years. A few weeks later I heard a rumor that he was reinstating Jefferson Starship with a new vocalist and Papa John. So the essence of the band was there without the "lead vocalist" or industry hipe.

Happy New Year,

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